Titanium ion sealant of gold
Magic Titanium innovative research and development, spend millions to create an Asia's only 20-color automatic filling production line, self-made independent brand, apply for patented technology. Using the latest German equipment,
As well as the original German imports of raw materials, Japan's senior Color Masterbatch, the teaching of the top nano-titanium ion sealant, because the color can be fully customized, and a small amount of custom.
Sales area distribution: Europe, the Americas, Asia, so orders in foreign countries have bright results, the average monthly production capacity of 500 tons.
So far is the best sales on the market, the most environmentally friendly composite materials!
Product Name: Titanium ion sealant of gold
Applicable to the end of the board: Hair Line, Super Mirror, Beads Blast, Vibration, aluminum, iron
Applicable colors: TK-001, TK-OD-101, TK-OD-105
  Product Specifications
Product Features:
1. Appearance: fine uniform paste.
2. High and low temperature resistance: -50 ℃ to 170 ℃.
3. Chemical characteristics: neutral room temperature vulcanization.
4. Odor: No irritation.
5. Operational: with good thixotropy, construction is simple and convenient.
6. Weatherability: high temperature, low temperature, resistant to rain, ultraviolet radiation.
7. Bonding: for most building materials, tiles, any article has a good adhesion, a wide area of bonding.
8. Tensile strength Mpa: ≥ 1.0 Mpa.
9. Tensile elongation ℃%: ≥ 250.