MAGIC TI Anti-FingerPrints Service/Site Work/ German skill
1.Any other question after Titanium coating? Discoloring? How to do after abrasions?

2.Which is the perfect detergent? How to remove fingerprints on the surface?

3.Feel stressful when it comes to maintenance?

4.Don’t worry, call
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We did not only enhance the hardness and strength with aesthetic and modern design but also make the titanium coating reveal it’s own beauty. 

“Is this my house?” one of our clients said after our site work. 

There is no need to worry about how to maintain again because this service makes it Anti-FingerPrints!

On-site Anti-FingerPrint works for Elevator

Site work for color repair & Anti-FingerPrint 

Private House--AFP onsite work

Taichung-AFP onsite work